'This is Us' actress Chrissy Metz on how prayer has sustained her through tough times

'This is Us' actress Chrissy Metz on how prayer has sustained her through tough times
Feb 2023

'This is Us' actress Chrissy Metz on how prayer has sustained her through tough times

Actress and singer Chrissy Metz.(Photo: Dean Foreman)

(CP) Thinking back to her childhood, Chrissy Metz can pinpoint the many instances prayer">prayer sustained her through difficult times.

"I've been praying the whole time, honestly, ever since my grandmother and I would go to church together when I was a kid because I didn't know what to do," the 42-year-old actress and singer told The Christian Post.

"I had a pretty interesting relationship with my stepfather that was very difficult. And I would pray all the time about that and to understand him, but also go, 'Why do I have to be in this situation?'"

"There were always questions and prayers and thoughts about what is the bigger picture. And that has always sustained me through my life."


Metz said the practice of talking to God about everything was instilled in her as a small child and guided her as she shot to fame starring as Kate on the hit NBC show "This is Us."

The show, which ended in May 2022 after six years, won a slew of awards and landed Metz nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. She also starred in the 2019 Christian film "Breakthrough."

"I moved to LA when I was 20, but there was no way in the world that I was going to be able to navigate Los Angeles without a foundation, without prayer, and without God, my Higher Power helping me in navigating it because it is really scary and it is uncertain," Metz recalled.

"I would constantly say, 'Please, God help me; you know better than I do. Thy will and not mine be done. Just give me the best next right action; what do I need to do for You and not for me?' When you're 20 years old, you want to be on the most successful television show. Now, as an adult, I want to be on a show that touches people's hearts and minds that shows empathy and the love that we have for each other as a family and as people. So prayer has been a constant for as long as I can remember."

Fueled by a personal understanding of just how powerful prayer can be, Metz and acclaimed songwriter Bradley Collins pennedWhen I Talk to God, I Talk about You. The book encourages children to pray and reminds them of God's faithfulness.

Illustrated by artist Lisa Fields and releasing Tuesday, the rhyming book shows a parent describing the many things they pray to God for as their child grows right before their eyes.

"We just wanted to make it simple and to have a loving introduction to prayer, but also for kids to feel like they were really wanted, and it was important for them to know they're purposeful and to encourage them and support them," Metz said. "And I really do believe that children are the future because they are, and so those are the things we wanted to continue in our lives and also impart to young readers."

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